The learning technologies team manage and support learning technologies for AUT staff including Blackboard (LMS), Mahara (ePortfolio) and MediaSite (recording and creating multimedia resources). They also create video and multimedia for learning and teaching purposes, often in conjunction with the digital media team for an app or other learning and teaching digital resource. They provide support for these systems over the phone, in face-to-face sessions, workshops, via email, drop in sessions, and online learning resources.

The team won the “Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Professional Excellence” in 2015 for their dedicated support of AUT staff in the use of learning technologies.


Meet the learning technologies team!

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Nawal Chanane
Learning Technology Support
Nawal's main role within CfLAT is to provide support for learning technologies, mostly dealing with academic staff on integrating Blackboard, Mahara, Blackboard Collaborate and My MediaSite in their courses for an enhanced teaching experience. With more than 12 years of experience as an e-learning technologist at a university level, Nawal has been involved in the design and development of distance education programs. Her focus is on promoting the adoption and effective use of e-learning technologies.
Jin Hong
Multimedia Producer (Team Leader)
He provides specialist knowledge and expertise in the design and development of digital and other media to support technology enhanced learning and teaching experiences for students and lecturers at the University. He sources and evaluates the latest technologies, assessing their suitability for teaching and learning and implementing them where appropriate.
Tom Hood
Digital Media Support

Tom is working predominantly with lecture capture systems, and plays a significant role in their future development here at the University. Alongside this, he is experienced with all things digital, such as video production, graphic design and animation. Tom provides valuable support in this area to academic staff and students alike, aiming to better the learning environment through the use of digital media

Reza Mohammad Yari
Digital Media Developer
Reza specialises in multimedia technology, his skill sets and expertise includes video production, (capture, recording and editing), design, animation, and audio technology. He is knowledgeable of the newest technologies, which allows him to develop high-quality videos, animations and images. He is creative, passion driven, and possesses artistic talent that he utilises to bring technology and education together to create art.
Lisa Ransom
Blackboard and Projects Support
Lisa provides advice and training to staff in the effective use of Blackboard and other AUT supported learning technologies. She collaborates with and supports academic teams in course and curriculum development, effective authentic assessment strategies and works in partnership with staff on projects including mobile device support and learning design.
Jawyei Wong
Learning Technologist and Developer
Jawyei works primarily with Blackboard Learn and Mahara, providing user support for both systems on the front end as well as troubleshooting and resolving issues on the back end and is involved with planning for future developments of these systems and coordinating support for support teams.
Shen Zhang
Learning Technologies Support
I'm taking a lead role in the learning technologies team, whose primary role is to support staff, mainly lecturers, with their use of Blackboard, Mahara, MyMediaSite and any other university provided technologies. We provide advice and training for staff, technical development and support of the learning tools. As part of CfLAT, my focus has always been the needs of the academics and to help enhancing learning and teaching.