Ako Aronui is Auckland University of Technology’s professional recognition programme, accredited by Advance HE. We are now in the second year of our programme and, with a growing number of participants, we are seeking to appoint an additional External Assessor. It is envisaged that the Assessor would start in their role in late June 2019 and work on the programme until the end of 2020 in the first instance.

The primary role of the Assessor will be to review Senior Fellow applications and attend assessment panels (virtually or in person) at up to three points in the academic year. They may also be required to moderate a sample of Associate Fellow and Fellow applications and contribute to an annual report. The nominee should hold either Senior Fellow or Principal Fellow recognition and have at least two years’ experience of assessing Senior Fellow applications. The post-holder will be paid an annual fee on successful completion of the work, plus expenses.

We welcome applications from interested colleagues by 2nd May in the form of a short CV and brief declaration of interest sent to ako.aronui@aut.ac.nz

Regrettably we are unable to accept applications from University of Tasmania as our existing external assessor is from this institution.

More information about Ako Aronui can be found at https://cflat.aut.ac.nz/ako-aronui

Role description for External Assessor for the Ako Aronui Programme

Principal duties and responsibilities

  1. Review the quality of the Programme’s assessment against national standards defined in the UKPSF as contextualised in the Ako Aronui Professional Standards Framework
  2. Moderate a sample of Associate Fellow and Fellow applications
  3. Act as one of the three assessors for Senior Fellowship applications, until AUT approve internal decision-making at Descriptor 3. Once this approval has been given, the External Assessor will then review SFHEA applications, as part of (2) above
  4. Contribute to an annual written report to the Ako Aronui team and the AUT Learning and Teaching Committee on quality of assessment process and standards, raising any concerns and recommendations as appropriate to maintain and/or enhance these further
  5. Participate in any professional development appropriate to the role at AUT
  6. The Assessor will report to the Ako Aronui Programme Manager

Criteria to be satisfied by the post-holder

  1. The nominee should hold a minimum of Senior Fellow HEA professional recognition
  2. The nominee should be suitably experienced in making HEA Fellowship judgements and current in their knowledge and understanding of the requirements of HEA Senior Fellow applications
  3. The nominee should hold no more than two external examiner and/or HEA External Assessor/Reviewer appointments (including this one)
  4. The nominee should be employed at a different institution to that of an outgoing HEA External Assessor (if applicable)
  5. The nominee should not have had any direct ties with the University or its staff in the last three years
  6. The nominee should not have acted as a consultant to the Ako Aronui team within the last three years
  7. This appointment should not result in a reciprocal arrangement