The CMALT cMOOCs and Mosomelt are models of Professional Development that facilitate a network of communities of practice supported by connectivist MOOCs, and can lead to recognition via CMALT accreditation. Mosomelt is an open cMOOC focused on professional development in the use of learning and teaching technologies and can lead to engagement with the CMALT cMOOC. The CMALT cMOOC is focused around forming a portfolio for CMALT accreditation.



The CMALT cMOOC is a new model of PD as a network of communities of practice within a cMOOC, supported by an ecology of resources, where sustained collaborative engagement with innovative teaching practice is recognised via CMALT (Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technologies) accreditation. The CMALT cMOOC gives a reimagined PD strategy mapping professional development activities to accreditation pathways, mapping the design of a cMOOC to the CMALT accreditation pathway as an appropriate measure of the development of technology enhanced learning practice and reflection, building upon the close links between the Ascilite and ALT communities ( to facilitate a supportive community.


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