Authentic Assessment deserves Authentic Feedback

Showcase Presenter: Rouxelle de Villiers

Feedback is generally regarded as a crucial and powerful instructional technique to improve knowledge and skills within a vast range of development interventions – both in educational and in organizational learning, development and coaching situations. Within the substantial body of feedback intervention research, results on the efficacy of feedback vary dramatically, ranging from negative to neutral to positive. This showcase, will address the scholars’ call for improved conceptual models. Further, the showcase will summarize a conceptual framework studied over a period of three years, that takes into account the multifaceted role of feedback as well as the complex nature and structure of feedback within the contexts of the classroom. The model considers educators roles as enablers, and facilitator and for post-graduates educators’ roles as supervisors, research and career coaches. 

Attendees at this showcase will learn of a framework of five constructs – covering seven well-tested and evidence-based principles for constructive feedback interventions. Attendees will be asked to contribute examples from their own “best-practices” to build the model out further. The discussion and analysis will conclude by identifying guidelines for educators and graduate coaches and academic supervisors on the application of the model.

Rouxelle de Villiers is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Sales and was the recipient of the 2019 AUT Excellence in Learning and Pedagogical Research Award. Rouxelle’s research focusses on andragogy, with a particular emphasis on inter-personal and thinking competencies. Rouxelle has published numerous papers on student engagement, authentic assessment and effective feedback. Rouxelle aspires to stimulate students to excel and remain inspired, life-long learners.