Authentic assessment may be desirable, but is it enough?

Keynote Presenter: Professor David Boud

Authentic assessment has been developed to address some of the many problems of university assessment: making assessment more relevant to course learning outcomes, motivating and engaging students, and giving students a taste of what they might be doing once they graduate. When implemented well, it exhibits many features that address obvious defects in previous assessment practices. However, we need to focus on more than the relatively simple matter of redesigning assessment tasks. What needs to accompany authentic assessment if it is to realise the potential it offers? What else should be considered in meeting the challenges of assessment for learning in the world our graduates face?

Professor David Boud is the Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning, at Deakin University and an Emeritus Professor at The University of Technology Sydney. David has been a pioneer in developing learning-centred approaches to assessment across the disciplines, particularly in building assessment skills for long-term learning.