Modelling Leadership

Showcase Presenters: Steve Cox & Lexie Matheson

Within their teaching and curriculum design, Steve and Lexie place emphasis on exposing their students to better ways of thinking and learning and support this with an understanding of Kaizen; the concept of ‘continuous change’.

MGMT721 is facilitated by the two educators of HOSP503 and EVNT603. The paper combines principles of Jungian Critical Self Reflection and Constructivist Theory where individuals construct their understanding and knowledge of their environment through experience and reflection.

The first assignment involves development and evaluation of formal leadership theory. 

Assignment two encourages learners to find the leader within and identify the theories that resonate with them as individuals, through development of a critically reflective personal profile. Assignment three is a collaboration where learners share leadership knowledge with their team to collectively design a new theory. They are then tasked to turn this new theory into an artefact, and present as a verbal exegesis. 

Attendees at this showcase will actively engage with the authentic elements of this paper.  Attendees will be provided with data defining six leadership theories and asked to select which theory resonates with them. Once grouped into teams, individuals will combine their choices to build a new theory which they will name. Teams will discuss what this might look like if turned into a three-dimensional model. Creating the model is the artefact and the explanation is the exegesis.

Dr Stephen Cox and Lexie Matheson ONZM are lecturers in the School of Hospitality and Tourism, Steve in Hospitality and Lexie in Events. They have been working in the Leadership space for a number of years and share a student-centred kaupapa using artefact, exegesis and self-assessment models.