Students Engaging in Authentic Interprofessional Learning and Assessment Opportunities Using The Values Exchange (Vx), a Socratic, web-based Learning Community

Showcase Presenters: Amanda B. Lees & Mandy Shaver

Should Counties Manukau District Health Board’s current pilot incentivising vaccination by giving petrol vouchers and nappies to some families be extended or stopped?

Should there be wider use of robots in rest home care?

Using the Values Exchange (Vx), a Socratic web-based learning community, students in HEAL708 Professional Practice and Ethics are offered authentic interprofessional learning and assessment opportunities. Using a range of philosophical frameworks and a social media type interface, students explore the ethical complexity of present and future healthcare practice, enabling deep thinking and with shared access to the responses of others, unique ways of learning with and from others. 

By using Vx, our goal is to inspire technological savvy, ethically conscious, and culturally intelligent students -to create true diversity of thought. Students are encouraged to question a point of view and to reason through their arguments, acknowledging their emotions in an open, genuine safe virtual space. Their reflections and feedback reveal increased confidence in dealing with ethical issues and an appreciation for the varied perspectives of their peers. 

Like authenticity, the view, principles, priorities, and interests of New Zealanders and the global population change over time. Authenticity is not static and not something remaining in the past. Authenticity is a present individual awareness developed by the overcoming of obstacles, the navigation of uncertainties in the workplace, and the fulfilment of being valued in meaningful interpersonal relationships. Without the ability to recognise the needs of New Zealanders, health care systems become stuck in ideological dogma, failing to address the needs of the most vulnerable and to adapt to the values of its citizens. 

Attendees at this showcase will be introduced the Vx learning community and invited to deliberate on some of the ethical issues our students have been recently considering. The presenters will share ways in which assessments and cycles of formative feedback have offered authentic opportunities for student-directed learning. 

Amanda B. Lees teaches Healthcare ethics to Health Science students and health professionals. She embraces educational technologies and contributes to the Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning. Social Scientist Mandy Shaver teaches ethics to Health, Fitness, and Science students and has instructed yoga for over 15 years.