Call for Submissions!

Proposals are invited for the inaugural AUT Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC). This is an internal conference to share and discuss good practice and current scholarship and research in learning and teaching. It will be free of charge to AUT staff and held on the City Campus on Friday 22nd November. This year, TLC will focus on one of the key pillars of the recently released Xceptional Learning Experience Framework: Authentic Assessment. We are excited to announce that the keynote speaker for the conference will be Professor David Boud, Deakin University and University of Technology Sydney.

Authentic assessment creates learning experiences that simulate real life situations or are the very thing itself. Authentic assessments foster complex ways of thinking, and reflects practice and ways of being that exist in contemporary organisations. Ideally, authentic assessment offers impact beyond the classroom. Authentic assessments might include some of the following aspects: fidelity of a task to real world; the creation of a polished product; development of higher order thinking, reflection and meta-cognition; peer and self-assessment; collaboration; students making informed judgements; enabling wide, diverse and novel approaches and responses.

This is an opportunity to share your practice and approaches. We invite you to submit an outline linked to any of the broad themes below:

  • Assessment for/as learning and the meaning and role of authentic assessment
  • Addressing challenges of authentic assessment
  • Digital tools and technologies that support authentic assessment practice
  • Evidencing student learning that supports employability
  • Equipping our students for learning beyond the university
  • The role of feedback in supporting authentic assessment

There are two types of submissions:


The purpose of the showcase is to share current practice or research aligned to the themes above. A showcase is a 15-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of questions.


The purpose of a workshop is to actively engage with a theme. Each session is 55 minutes and will typically involve a 10 to 15-minute presentation to present their work and 45 minutes in which to discuss the substantive issues that arise from it. The timings above are indicative only so please feel free to be creative in how you run your session. However, think of this as a developmental exercise in which both the presenter and the participants are there to build new ideas and advance understanding.

To submit a proposal for review, please provide a 300-word outline and a brief explanation of how you plan to engage your audience and what will they get from your showcase or workshop.

Extended Submission Closing Date: August 30th 2019

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